Monday, June 4, 2012

Inkscape start up window tutorial

Inkscape start up window tutorial

After installing Inkscape and start it, the software appears in a window like this 

Even if you maximize it and close Inkscape then start it again it will appear like in the example above
If you want to start with maximized window (or any other size and position) every time you start Inkscape follow these steps:
Go to File / Inkscape preferences  or use the keyboard shortcut  Shift+Ctrl+P
Scroll down until you find Windows  click once then on the right choose Remember and use last window's geometry. Before you close Inskape maximize the window.  

Visit PhotoAdvanced in YouTube.
Inkscape official website -

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  1. I'm trying to create & store a "Photo Logo" on an "Invisible Layer" using GIMP, so I can use & re-use as a Watermark. The Logo will consist of an Image with some Wording. Can you do a Tutorial please. Thank you.